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This charming children’s picture book is about the power of hugs as it touches upon connections, changes, beginnings and goodbyes. A young girl values the hugs she shares with her mom and realizes she won’t be there with her physically, forever. Memories of hugging her mom are woven in and felt deeply throughout her life. She recognizes how her mother’s hugs are not only contained within her, they are spread each time she hugs someone else.

It’s an ideal gift to share with friends, family, teachers, and counselors. A thoughtful sentiment for a special event, baby shower, graduation, birthday, during times of celebration, reflection, transition and loss. 

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COMING in 2024

Have you ever thought it would be easier to be someone else for a day? Follow Antonio, a sensitive young student, on his imaginative journey of self-discovery, finding his own courage and strength. A book about acceptance, stopping the comparisons and making peace with who you are in the present moment.